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Tenderness/ Tendresse

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Catherine McKenney,
City Councillor for Somerset Ward 14

Catherine was elected to Ottawa City Council in 2014 and re-elected in October 2018. Catherine is committed to improving life for everyone in their community, including more affordable housing, better transit, childcare, more trees, streets that are built for people, better public spaces, protecting our heritage, and supporting local business.

Catherine trains regularly for and competes in cross-country and ultra-marathon running. They cycle year-round, walk to work, support local independent businesses, and are the proud adoptive parent of four Humane Society animals. They are also an avid volunteer.

Catherine lives with their wife and daughter in Somerset Ward.

Lives… happily In Somerset Ward with their family - which includes four Humane Society adoptees

Works… as the City Councillor for Somerset Ward. For the new term, Catherine is the Council Liaison for Housing and Homelessness, and is a member of the Community and Protective Services Committee; Ottawa Community Housing Board of Directors; Transit Commission; Environment Committee; and the Built Heritage Sub-Committee.

Plays… with their daughter and their friends at our local parks and can often be seen walking their rescue dogs, running, or cycling in the community

Shops… at local independent businesses in Somerset ward. Catherine and their family are avid supporters of small businesses and frequent the local shops in their community for their groceries, clothing, coffee, and entertainment.

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