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Staceylee James 

My name is Stacey James, a fellow artist, creative and entrepreneur in the UK. I also suffer from several severe chronic pain disorders and ADHD. My husband and daughter are both diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Our daily lives can be challenging, but we beat those challenges together. I am on a spiritual journey which has changed my life dramatically over the past two years and I know many more changes are to come.

The pandemic changed my life dramatically, literally turning my life on its head, like it did to so many others. My hands are my connection to creativity in many ways, but they help others through embroidery. I help others create stitched pieces of artwork that show what has happened in their lives for the past year. I help people create embroidered journals or stitched diaries. Using only visual symbols and icons. Each piece tells the story of someone's life, through good times and bad times. It helps people process what's happening to them and in the world around them. It also brings people together to show support and encouragement.

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