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Brenda Wilbond


As a black woman, I advocate for equity and diversity and support the rights and interests of all women. As a mother, my hands have created a loving and nurturing home for my children so that they can reach their full potential. In my marriage, my hands provide love, affection and support to my husband.  I'm a firm believer that many hands make any work or situation lighter, so as a daughter, sister, aunt, and friend, my hands are always there to open the door, and lend support in any way needed. As a professional, my hands for over 25 years, have empowered families to create safe environments of hope, compassion and healing, for children in vulnerable situations.  


The power and significance of hands are often overlooked and taken for granted.  I am humbled and grateful to have had helping hands throughout my life's journey, and as such have used them to give back to my community, family, and profession, to support and uplift individuals in need.  The portrait includes the hand of my daughter, and speaks to the importance of role modeling, and mentoring for our youths, the power of self, and helping others.  Values that they will carry in their life's journey and pass on to others.  

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